DeepGraph feeds enterprise sales teams with hyper-targeted warm leads

DeepGraph feeds enterprise sales teams with hyper-targeted warm leads

La meilleure façon de faire croître les ventes est de mieux comprendre les ventes, mais malheureusement, c’est souvent plus facile à dire qu’à faire. Kemvi, un startup en phase de démarrage, se lève aujourd’hui pour annoncer DeepGraph, qui aide les équipes de vente à atteindre les bons clients potentiels au bon moment. La société s’est fermée au nord de 1 million de dollars en financement de semences de Seabed VC, Neotribe Ventures, Kepha Partners et un certain nombre d’anges.

DeepGraph explore les sources de données publiques pour identifier les événements de marché pertinents qui pourraient rendre les terrains plus susceptibles d’atterrir avec des clients spécifiques. De là, le système commence de façon proactive avec des e-mails froids structurés pour vérifier les prospects. Si tout va au plan, les équipes de vente d’entreprises sont alimentées par un flux de clients potentiels intéressés qui doivent être fermés.
Behind the scenes, DeepGraph is creating a massive graph that maps business milestones for other companies like product launches, stock fluctuations and turnover. This public information then becomes a leading indicator of the future decisions a business might make. And taken as a whole, DeepGraph can start to identify trends across the data — a falling stock price might, for example, make a company hungrier for services designed to boost sales.

From there it’s just a matter of drafting the right targeted messaging — another thing DeepGraph’s scale will help with. Most situations ultimately become generalizable. Emails to a procurement manager about an auditing tool sent right after a timely procurement scandal would all look nearly identical. And of course Salesforce integrates with DeepGraph so that the two can share contacts and other core data for even greater targeting.

“We want DeepGraph to be the place you spend your time when you’re not in Salesforce,” explained Vedant Misra, CEO of Kemvi, in an interview with TechCrunch.

The company does involve some humans behind the scenes who keep everything running smoothly. These overseas workers are tasked with verifying information and ensuring the background knowledge graph remains reliable and up to date.

DeepGraph, which charges its customers on a per seat per month basis, will be looking to expand with the new capital. The automated sales space is incredibly active with a number of players including Growlabs and Nova AI. DeepGraph is just getting started with its team of six, but it will be interesting to see how the startup performs as it transitions from R&D to sales.

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